Snowman is living in the house

次女の現地校での “Writer's Work Shop(作文)”の作品を引用します。

It was the first day of winter. When the boy was making a Snowman the Snowman became alive!.
The Snowman said, "Hi, can I come to your house? I have no friends."
Then the boy said, "O.K.!"
When the boy and the Snowman went inside to his house it was warm.
The boy said, "Stay here. Let me go get some snacks for you."
When he came back for some snacks the Snowman was melting!
He was so little he hurried up and put him in the refrigerator.
The next day, it was still cold. When he went to find the Snowman, he was big again.
Then he said, "Don't move from here Okay?"
When the boy came back he brought some snacks for him.
When the boy asked his family if the Snowman could live in the refrigerator, his mom had a good idea.
She moved the Snowman and she took the food out as fast as she could and put the Snowman back in refrigerator.
Then she got a new refrigerator and put the food back. Then his mom said, "It's OK to keep the Snowman in the old refrigerator forever."
Then the Snowman lived happily with the boy and his family.
The End.


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